Our Services

  • Suitable for all types of automatic high speed filling machines.
  • We supply to the destination of our customer’s choice.
  • We are committed to supply our products in scheduled time.
  • Timely information to customer about dispatch details.
  • Printed capsules are made available to the customer with linear & circular options.
  • Customized color options can be made available.
  • Pellets are made available as per customer’s specifications.

Packaging Facility

Packing of Capsules
Capsules are kept in Anti-static Poly-bag placed in 7ply corrugated box with thermocol sheets to protect from heat and damage.

Pack size of box:

  • Size-00: 0.75 lac capsules
  • Size-0  : 1.00 lac capsules
  • Size-1  : 1.25 lac capsules
  • Size-2  : 1.75 lac capsules
  • Size-3  : 2.25 lac capsules
  • Size-4  : 3.00 lac capsules

Packing of Pellets
Pellets are kept in high density poly-bag placed inside a HDPE drum which is finally sealed.

  • Every drum is suitable for filling of one lac capsules.